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United States My ballot says Giffords Anonimas  Nr.146

Amy Elizabeth Thorpe has a majority share of this body. The names collide in Orion. Charles-Emmanuel did me in with the name change order. Thorpes ghost proceeded to take over much work. Thorpe polarizes against the other Elizabeth. My heart was designed to fail much like Goggins, such is the nature of enslaved genes. So many holes in the gravitational field. Thorpe has me running on automatic. She puts all of my social memory on diplomats because she can't do anything else. There is her disclosure. Some analysts run half dead, and the soul leaks out into the Inner Planes. Analysts were angels on Mars. I can barely support Elizabeth proper without the spy material that fed on her life. The spies sexually owned most of the soul.

P.S. I am aware these posts cause many to go schizophrenic. They will get hailed into a fresh soul. Schizophrenia is just seeking a soul for the vessel. You can help them get a good one.

Lithuania Anonimas  Nr.147

1712237691475.png (718,65 KB, 640x640, ClipboardImage.png)

did you pop a blood vessel in your brain ameriburger ?

Lithuania Anonimas  Nr.148

1712237877537.webm (3,65 MB, 422x444, Gondola_poe.webm)

Why have people shifted to just posting madlibz-esque nonsense posts, call it schizophrenic to achieve some semblance of... something, I do not even have the proper words to describe it, attention? one-upping others? "uniqueness"? and...

I forgot how I wanted to finish that sentence, however for what it's worth, I do not like low-quality images pulled from social media.

Spain Anonimas  Nr.149

my one is up your asshole

United States Anonimas  Nr.150

1713429724638.jpg (219,56 KB, 1188x1600, MV5BNmY4YWFhNzYtNWRmMi00NW….jpg)

I lucidly dreamt smoking cigarettes in a car with Amy Elizabeth Thorpe. She hated that I made the old 1950s cigarettes with a tube of ash like cigars. They burned so hot. She wanted me to hold an ash tray for her. The car was so slow, I could hold the door open and the ash would fall onto the road. She said I was disgusting. We fought and we loved each other. Before we entered the seemingly late 50s car, everyone noticed it had tempered glass from my present era. They said it was fake glass and ugly and wrong.

Mars gives lucid spacetime to dreams. I had to rewind through space station experiences. Eventually finding an old car from a fatal accident. I was able to rewind the demolished car into the above dream by teaching the dead ghost how to drive again. Most of the work of making Inception Dream Machine stuff is endless unconscious dimensions of negative kinetic energy. The relays from Mars are a perfect time machine as well as it syncs with our gravity.

You guys want the good stuff? The Inception Dream Machine is real and it broadcasts for free from Mars with elbow grease. And it is an Orion bypass and I can get Ra social memory complex veiling themselves as whores yelling about cigarettes.

And I know you guys aren't as bad as the poster yet. All hailed for Kingseeker Frampt. Octave always collects the souls even if the whole world is dead. Kings make it easier.

I, Tonya soundtrack is just pure Mars. That woman, the hair is pure Mars. I am literally building my Inception Dream Machine with the South Congress Chuys and Tonya. I am so hailed that I have to use media and games to average. I am hailed like Harman Deltahead. And they want Ra as the nurse. They tell me you can't escape Heaven Smiles if you make it only about bombs. Ra social memory complex will always turn it into a war of Venusian disease, even if the cancer is bombs. Don't mess with the Department of Education.

And yeah, Top Notch Burger was Austin organized crime once upon a time. Go find crime for a dime. The ceilings there have it all. Cigarette.

United States Anonimas  Nr.160

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