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1650488113184.webm (748,48 KB, 360x226, Babajus Gondola.webm)

Lithuania Anonimas Ūkvedys ★  Nr.1

Welcome to /int/
The 'lithuanian only' language rule does not apply here.

1683481797403.gif (746,91 KB, 399x485, attachment.gif)

Lithuania Anonimas  Nr.47


Lithuania Anonimas  Nr.48

uhhh ummm :3

Hungary Anonimas  Nr.36

Why so many jews pretend to be Lithuanian and can't even speak language?

Prove that you are actually right now Lithuanian, you fucking nigger, and don't just type language 'cause that would be easy to fake.

Lithuania Anonimas  Nr.39

tavo močia yra pidiku pisimo filmuotoja

Belarus Anonimas  Nr.46

1682448305040.jpg (133,27 KB, 884x1080, jude.jpg)

Lithuanian does not equal žamojtian. They could be jews from Belarus since Belarusians also clam Lithuanian identity.

1671356651772.png (515,81 KB, 542x544, FkB_zvQXwAAPovE.png)

Malta Anonimas  Nr.41

What is up, my lithuunian niggers?

Lithuania Anonimas  Nr.42

1671372639300.gif (1,66 MB, 300x192, 1573322826844(1).gif)

Who are you talking to blud?!

France PEroDAS  Nr.43

1675946987457.mp4 (860,52 KB, 348x640, document_52715504700689049….mp4)


Lithuania Anonimas  Nr.44

1675952125428.webm (905,2 KB, 720x720, 1673506642759822.webm)

So true

Lithuania Anonimas  Nr.45

Stop posting cheese pizza

1665983180229.jpg (191,78 KB, 1284x1577, 1663313433469064.jpg)

China Anonimas  Nr.37


Temos pirmoji žinutė turi būti bent 30 raidžių ilgio.

Lithuania Anonimas  Nr.38

1666068064699.jpg (71,09 KB, 1080x1775, Screenshot_20220929_083244.jpg)

So true 👍

1650820014025.jpg (75,58 KB, 880x550, prorusiski-separatistai-do….jpg)

Austria Anonimas  Nr.2

Смерть крестоносцам.

Lithuania Anonimas  Nr.3

ok sir that is just ur opinion sir ?

Japan Anonimas  Nr.7


Hungary Anonimas  Nr.35

1656937316650.jpg (119,35 KB, 1280x720, Hulk-Hogan-America-Fuck-Ye….jpg)

Lithuania liepos 4 Anonimas  Nr.31

Russian Federation Anonimas  Nr.32


1654014522748.jpeg (125,69 KB, 704x606, 16E80683-11AA-43A9-B7B8-5….jpeg)

Japan Anonimas  Nr.8

17 žinutės(-ių) ir 7 failai(-ų) nerodomos(-a). Norėdamas peržiūrėti spausk 'Atsakyti'.

Lithuania Anonimas  Nr.26

1654329070530.png (362,12 KB, 887x941, 1524425190511.png)


Lithuania Anonimas  Nr.27

i laugh at u nigga

Japan Anonimas  Nr.28

1656418641520.gif (441,33 KB, 523x425, Shami_punch.gif)

I know nothing about Lithuania other than its location but the pink soup looks cool.

Lithuania Anonimas  Nr.29

1656428761769.png (3,34 KB, 400x400, 1642035752246.png)

We got lean soup mane

United States Anonimas  Nr.30

1656561157426.gif (2,43 MB, 640x360, eddf6fae6ebff.gif)

It has been very hot this summer. Cold beet soup would be very comfy.

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